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StoryBoy Support

Answers to common StoryBoy app questions.


I purchased a book but it is not showing up on my device or in my StoryBoy library. What should I do?

If you purchased a book but it is not showing or the icon does not work, try to download the book again. You will not be charged twice. Sometimes, your book download may have been interrupted because you were disconnected from your 3G or Wi-Fi connection. If you purchased the book in-app, you will need to sign in with your StoryBoy user name and password to download the book again.


Why can't I hear the narration?
Please check the volume control on your iPhone/iPod touch. Often times the external speakers are set to mute. We have noticed that the iPod touch's external speakers are not nearly as loud as the iPhone's speakers.


Why is the eBook Store so slow?
Unfortunately the various 3G and EDGE networks can be slow at times. Getting a stronger signal usually helps a lot. As for the ebooks themselves, we have optimized the ebook size to ensure a shorter download time.


My ebook turns the pages on its own. Can I stop it?
This is an auto-read feature that you can turn off. Tap the icon at the lower right and tap the auto-read button.


Why do I have to sign into my account again when I visit the eBook Store?
We're going to fix this problem with the next upgrade. The feedback has been that it is a big inconvenience. We will work to get that right.



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