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Story Behind StoryBoy

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In 2007 my brother Benjamin and I founded Skyvu Pictures, an animation studio, in the basement of our father's house. We're still in that basement. Sorry for the mess, dad. StoryBoy was our first project, a sort of experiment. Having been inspired by's Kindle e-reader, we set out to create a "kindle for kids", an ebook reader with a library of ebooks made just for kids. We are parents and wanted to create something inspiring, fun and educational for our kids.

The idea of the ebook captured our imagination. We combined our passion for story telling and art with our knowledge of animation, mobile technology and voice narration. After finishing the StoryBoy reader app we dedicated the studio to creating amazing ebooks for the reader. These original ebooks are just a touch away. The "eBook Store" button on the app takes you to the online eBook Store. You will need the full version of the app to do this. New titles are added all the time. We have made our ebooks super affordable or free so that more children and parents can enjoy it. Our books are also available as individual apps that you can download direct from the iTunes App Store.

We built StoryBoy with the loving care of parents. We hope you like it as much as we do. If you like StoryBoy consider telling others via the "Share" link at the bottom of this page. You'll help us grow out of the basement for sure. If you just want to stay up to date with StoryBoy's development join our email list.

Thanks for your interest in StoryBoy.

Hoa Vu
StoryBoy Project Manager